Your small local business in Sydney can get incredible benefits from SEO. It is possible. The intent to market a local business online can make the small business go far from local to international. Click here to know more about how SEO agencies promote your business.

However, putting a small local business on the internet can be intimidating to small business owners. The thought of the enormous long-term expenses and other technical efforts involved could make small local business owners think less of opting for SEO services. 

Most business owners believe that only large business enterprises can afford to hire SEO services to improve their online presence and boost their customer base. Fortunately, small local business owners can also promote their businesses online using SEO services to push the company higher.

It is hundred percent true that SEO agencies can make your local buyers find your local business online through local SEO. I know this might be the first time you hear something like that, but it is straightforward to understand and use. 

Do you have a small local business in Sydney, and you wonder how you can get local SEO agencies in Sydney to promote your business? This article is for you. Read on to unveil how SEO agencies can your small local business thrive online without spending much.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a local technique that SEO agencies use to get a small local business to reach their local buyers and make it available for potential buyers far from the physical company.

It’s a way of putting a small local business on search engines where customers can quickly locate their products or services.

Why do you need local SEO?

According to research, 89 percent of local buyers visit the internet to use search engines (mainly Google) to find their preferred local businesses. Suppose local buyers go as far as surfing the net to find local businesses. In that case, it is a brilliant marketing move for any small local business to strive to be available online to keep their existing customers and acquire new ones. 

Meanwhile, since the process seems straightforward, numerous small local businesses develop the urge to do it themselves. While that may not be bad for any small business owner who thinks he can handle the process, an SEO agency’s expertise will make the efforts more productive. 

How SEO agencies promote small local businesses in Sydney 

1. Submitting your website to top search engines 

The first thing an SEO agency will do to launch your website online is to submit it to top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Though this first step seems easy, it is imperative to determine the overall SEO campaign’s efficiency. Getting your local business website on one of the most visited search engines in the world is an excellent way to start taking your local business to the international market. 

2. Making your website easy to use for local clients

Before launching your website online through various major digital marketing channels, you need to fix your Meta-data accurately and ensure that you follow Google webmaster guidelines adherently to make the launching more productive. Does that sound complicated? Don’t worry. Your SEO agency knows what it means. 

Your SEO agency will take care of everything about your on-site optimization, including creating top-notch page titles and attractive Meta descriptions. The company will make sure that the page title includes your business name and a few strong keywords to make web visitors find you easily. 

3. Implementing Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is free and takes a couple of minutes to sign up. Once you implement the code, you can start collecting your web traffic data instantly. The data includes accurate figures regarding how many visitors browse your site, how long they stay on the site, individual locations of those visitors, and how they got to your site. These data will help you monitor your local SEO efforts’ progress and measure your achievements so far.

4. Adding your business website to Google+ Local

This next step is crucial in the process. Your SEO agency needs to add your business to this platform to make it visible to countless potential customers searching for local businesses online. Adding your website to the Google+ Local business directory is simple and free. This step will allow your SEO agency to manage your listing information such as products or services details, business description, special offers, and more.

5. Creating a solid social network business profile for your business 

Taking your small local business online requires a robust social network to make the awareness spread faster. Your SEO agency will help you create buoyant visibility on various social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn strategically to promote your small local business to a more extensive network. 

Signing up on these social network platforms costs nothing and will give you reliable links. The more links you get, the more your business gains more presence on Google.

6. Launching an online marketing campaign 

SEO agencies can help increase your small local business by launching a productive online marketing campaign to entice more prospective customers to your website. Most SEO agencies in Sydney are experts. They know what your customers want that can be a great advantage to lure them to your business.

7. Listing your business in local directories and listings 

Getting listed in local directories, especially in Sydney, helps increase the number of inbound links you get to your website. Most directories in Sydney are free, and the listings process is straightforward. Though it cost nothing, your SEO agency knows how to maximize the platform to increase potential customers’ visitation to your website. Adding your business to local directories can boost your site traffic by 20% in a couple of days.

8. Optimizing mobile SEO 

A recent showed that local businesses boom on mobile searches more than one desktop device. More so, its conversion rate on local search is higher. 

Most customers access the internet via their mobile devices. Hence, any website that is not mobile compatible will suffer limited access, which will drastically reduce traffic. Your SEO agency must ensure that your website is optimized mobile and is straightforward to use.  


Hiring an SEO agency to promote your small local business can bring you incredible results. You don’t have to panic about the expensive bills; SEO agencies charge based on the campaign’s cost. If you check carefully, most of the techniques listed above are free. Hence, you can launch your local business in the international market. It will cost a little.